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 Exploring my curiosity of hand-stitched leather goods. Indpls. IN.


Scoggins Design, Inc.

Scoggins Design, Inc. is a professional practice engaged primarily in the service of building design and consulting.

We strive for meaning, significance, and integrity in all projects.  Meaning gives the work value; with significance the work has a voice; and integrity affords the work longevity.


Indiana Family Institute is a statewide research and education organization affiliated with Focus on the Family that is a voice for traditional families in Indiana. It is our mission to persuasively present biblical principles in the centers of influence on issues affecting the family through research, communication and networking.

The Stone TAble

Tables are gathering places, and The Stone Table is a Gospel gathering place.

We’re bringing together entrepreneurs and pastors, business leaders and missionaries, all for the sake of the Gospel around the world.

We leverage business to create sustainable resources for missions work all over the world. 


Mission House Realty

Mission House Realty is a full service residential real estate company in Hendricks County Indiana. 

Mission House Realty exists to honor Jesus Christ while serving the real estate needs of those with-in our community and supporting like-minded organizations.


Chick-fil-A Avon has partnered with Sagamore Leadership by providing their products to our Lead Now conference students and more Chick-fil-a Avon offers great food along with a family-friendly dining experience. Visit Chick-fil-a Avon today.