2018 Sagamore Summit Speakers

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Reverend Matt Barnes - President, Public Servants Prayer

Reverend Matt Barnes serves as a volunteer chaplain to the legislators and staff at the Indiana State House. He and his wife, along with their three children, are missionaries sent out from Hope Baptist Church in Sunman, Indiana.

In 2004, felt God calling him to come to the Indiana Statehouse to serve the men and women who work there. Having no team, no strategy, and no real idea of what that ministry might look like, Matt felt understandable hesitation as he sat in his vehicle outside of the Statehouse that first morning. And then God simply said, "Matt, just get out of the van..." In no way could Matt have known where that step of faith would lead.

Matt walked into the Statehouse, asked around, and ultimately, just found ways to serve--little by little earning the trust and respect of the people. By 2009, Matt and a team of other Christian leaders ultimately founded the Capitol Commission, a national organization which has been represented in 22 states across the country. Their mission has been "to provide a pastoral presence in the capitol communities in our nation...to reach every person with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to disciple, and prepare them for a lifetime of ministry in whatever arena God chooses to place them."

More recently, Matt founded and runs the Public Servants' Prayer ministry. In that capacity, Matt and his team provide spiritual counsel to legislators and runs a weekly Bible study for legislators, as well as, a Bible study gathering for staff members. They also have orchestrated the Statehouse Prayer service, as well as, the Indiana Leadership Prayer breakfast.

Matt is regularly invited to speak to churches and other groups across the state of Indiana. He has been invited to speak to the Knesset, the parliament in Israel, in recent years.

Matt's heart is the people will gain a passion to serve their elected leaders through encouragement and the Word of God. And he has dedicated his life and leadership to that end.

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Katherine Brooks - CEO, Todah Give
Katherine is an Indianapolis native and graduate of Purdue University. Katherine’s expertise is in fundraising, philanthropy and tech industries. She consults with non-profits to position them to best impact their areas of cultural influence.

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Senator John Crane - Founder and CEO, Sagamore Leadership Initiative

John is a respected educator and cultural thought leader who regularly navigates th intersection between timeless truths and cultural trends. Though extensive speaking and writing, John seeks to help people understand the times and know what to do.

Recognizing the need for thoughtful, principled, and courageous leadership in our culture, John founded the Sagamore Leadership Initiative in 2009 with his wife, Jean. The mission of Sagamore is "to equip next generation leaders to influence our culture for Good."

John graduated from Taylor University and receives his Masters in Communications and Culture from Trinity International University. In 2008 he completed a two-month apologetics training program through the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, a partnership between Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University.

Previously, John has served as a pastor, and an adjunct professor at Marian University and Grace College: Indianapolis. He is a Colson Fellow with the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Additionally, he is the Director of the Hoosier Leadership Series whose mission is "educating Indiana leaders on policy and culture."

In November 2016, John was elected to the Indiana State Senate for District 24. He and Jean live in Avon, Indiana with their four children.

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Jeremy Miller - Entrepreneur and Marketer
Jeremy started inventing things at the age of 7. By 16 he had already created his first company. Fortunately, as he explains, his first company failed. By the age of 18 he turned around and built a successful advertising agency called Inspired Blue Media.  Now, Jeremy is the Director of Marketing at the fast-growing technology company, SnapShyft. 

Jeremy Miller was the 2018 Nominee for Tech Points Rising Star Mira award for “Best in Technology in Indiana”.  He has also been featured or mentioned in 50+ publications and websites including Forbes, The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, Channel 13 News WTHR, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, Influencive, Mashable, Future Sharks, and many more.

Jeremy loves Jesus., He values family, and he loves to travel.

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Linda Znachko - Founder, He Knows Your Name

For the past several years, Linda  has dedicated her life to making sure every child in Central Indiana has a name in life and dignity in death. through He Knows Your Name Ministry, Linda provides headstones, burial services and bereavement services to abandoned babies and families that are unable to afford the costs of a funeral.

As an advocate for children and their place in this world, Znachko shares her story in her award-winning book, “He Knows Your Name. She hopes it inspires others to protect and love the littlest members of our community.

Linda, originally from Illinois, now calls Indianapolis home. She graduated from Mundelein College of Loyola University.