Meet the Founder and CEO of the Sagamore Leadership Initiative

                        Senator John Crane

                        Senator John Crane

Since founding the Sagamore Leadership Initiative in 2009, Senator John Crane has been providing strategic leadership in what is proving to be a very exciting initiative. To be in a position to develop the potential of young leaders is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. And it's certainly a very needed endeavor.

Our cultural landscape is continually shifting. As John and our team talk to different groups of people, we often run into many earnest individuals who care deeply about the state of our country and culture. They see what is happening and offer a seemingly helpless lament, "What can we do about it?"

After hearing that resigned frustration too many times, we decided to act. For we believe that the most strategic way to pursue a lasting change in our world is to equip the people who will shape the future. The students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our common goal is to raise up a new generation of leaders who, like the leaders of old in Issachar (Iss-a-kar), understand our times and know what to do. For us, doing nothing is no longer an option. Which is why we've decided to do something.

Welcome to the Sagamore Leadership Initiative! We hope you'll join us in this critical effort.

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