Who CAn Participate?

Who can participate in the Sagamore Leadership Initiative?

The essential purpose of the Sagamore Leadership Initiative is to serve as an equipping agent for next-generation leaders. Within that purpose, the backbone of Sagamore's programming centers on high school students (going into 9th-12th grades).

The Sagamore programming, however, is not limited to that particular age range. There are opportunities for middle school students to begin constructing a firm foundation for life. And the Sagamore Leadership Initiative also helps post-high school students pursue opportunities of leadership in their life and career.

We at Sagamore recognize that we are undertaking a long-range initiative. Thus, there is the three-fold challenge regarding our Sagamore students, to "Expose them," "Equip them," and "Stick with them":  


Middle School Students (going into 7th-8th grades) - "Expose them."

Begin to solidify a Christian worldview by partnering with parents in the effort to secure that firm foundation for life. 

For more information about the Sagamore Middle School program, please click here.


High School Students (going into 9th-12th grades) - "Equip them."

Build upon that basic Christian worldview foundation by helping students develop greater cultural awareness, think critically, and recognize how to responsibly steward their leadership potential in the real world.

For more information about the School-Year Program and The Sagamore Summit, please click here.


Post-High School Students (going into college or careers) - "Stick with them."

Maintain a long-term relationship with students to support the student's pursuit of real-world leadership opportunities and find true success in life.

For more information about the Sagamore internship program, and other opportunities for post-high students, please click here.