Are there financial costs involved for a student to participate in the Sagamore program?

There are certain costs associated with both the school-year program and the Sagamore Summit. These costs are necessary to help us maintain the various operating expenses associated with the Sagamore Initiative. We are continually looking for ways to keep the costs at a reasonable level for students and their families so that they are not prohibited from this experience. (If you do find the costs to be prohibitive for you, please let us know.)

Is the Sagamore Leadership Initiative affiliated with any specific church or organization?

The Sagamore Leadership Initiative is an independently established 501c3 non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with any particular church, denomination, or other organization. But we do strive to build collaborative relationships with any like-minded organizations who may be interested in partnering with us in our leadership development efforts. Thus, we have been privileged to partner with churches like Kingsway Christian Church and the Community Church at Murphy's Landing and other organizations in order to better facilitate our leadership development programming.

Where are the school-year meeting locations?

Sagamore is growing and planting satellite sites around Indianapolis (and across the state of Indiana). To get more specific information about our different Sagamore sites, please visit our Sagamore Sites. Thank you!

Are there any opportunities for employment through the Sagamore Leadership Initiative?

We do not currently have any openings for staffing positions. However, we do have opportunities for internships for qualified people. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in coming to work with our Sagamore team in that capacity, please contact us here.

Where does the name “Sagamore” come from?

The term “Sagamore” traditionally refers to a tribal chief of the North American Indian tribes.
More specifically, the Sagamore reference also has connections to one of Indiana’s highest awards, The Sagamore of the Wabash. It was first established in the 1940's by Indiana governor Ralph F. Gates and is given to Hoosiers who have made a significant contribution to the life and heritage of Indiana.

Where can I get more information about Sagamore’s Middle School program?

Thank you for your interest in our Middle School Program. It is currently being developed and will be officially launched as soon as possible. In the meantime, please click here to let us know of your interest in this part of our Sagamore program so that we can keep you informed on its development.

How can I get involved in supporting the Sagamore Leadership Initiative?

The Sagamore Leadership Initiative is continually in need of people who would be willing to partner with us in our goal of preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. Whether it be with your time, talent, or treasure, we appreciate anyone who is willing to get involved in any way possible. For more information about how you can help out, please click here.

How can I financially contribute to the Sagamore Leadership Initiative?

In order to maintain the level of excellence for which the Sagamore Leadership Initiative is known, there is considerable cost involved. We are very grateful, therefore, for anyone who is willing to contribute financially toward this effort. There are opportunities to contribute both online, as well as, via regular mail. If you are interested in supporting the Sagamore Leadership Initiative financially, the most convenient way would be click the "Donate Now" button on our home page.