Our world is changing. "The empires of the future," predicted Winston Churchill in 1943, "will be empires of the mind." Our modern age is proving Churchill right. We're in a time in which there isn't simply a battle of nations taking place, but more significantly, a collision of ideas.

It's this struggle that our young people are being plunged. But how well-equipped are they to understand the times and thrive within them

Fortunately, our current path isn't predetermined for us. In fact, the future will be shaped by those who are coming along behind us.

We at the Sagamore Leadership Initiative are convinced that the most strategic means of cultural transformation is through a sustained commitment to the next generation of leaders. Imagine a generation of young, motivated leaders with the passion and skills necessary to significantly impact every sphere of our culture--be it in politics, medicine, education, sports, media, or business!

Such an ambitious venture can only be realized if enough of us harness our collective energy together to achieve it.

The fact is, we cannot accomplish this mission alone. We need committed people like you who would be willing to offer your time, talent, and treasure toward this pressing endeavor.

Will you join us in securing a brighter tomorrow for those who are coming behind us?