About John Brockman Crane

John Brockman Crane (M.A. in Communications and Culture, Trinity International University) is an educator and cultural thought leader who speaks and teaches on university campuses, on TV and radio programs, in churches, and at other venues across the country and around the world. He regularly navigates the intersection between timeless truths and cultural trends through his weekly newspaper column and blogs, including the Issachar Movement, an educational initiative dedicated to helping people understand our times and know what to do. And he has also created the "Equipped to Engage" curriculum intended to help people pursue cultural awareness and engagement.

John graduated from Taylor University, and he received his M.A. in Communications and Culture from Trinity International University. He is an original member of the Colson Fellows program. He has also served as a pastor, as well as, an adjunct professor at Marian University and Grace College: Indy.

In 2008, John completed a two-month apologetics study program through the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, a partnership between Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University.

John is currently the Program Director for the Hoosier Leadership Series whose mission is "educating Indiana leaders on policy and culture" through the Indiana Family Institute and is a member of the Board of Directors for IFI.

John and his wife and four children live in Avon, Indiana, in the greater Indianapolis area.