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This past weekend, July 13 -15, on the campus of  University thirty-five plus high school and college students participated in the Sagamore Summit.  It was a fantastic weekend of challenging speakers: Matt Barnes from Public Servants Prayer, Erik Copper from The Stone Table, Linda Znackho from He Knows Your Name, Jeremy Miller, and Don Whetrick challenged us to learn from failure, be present, and rely on God's leading.

This year, the Summit Impact Challenge launched. The challenge consisted of teams of students identifying a problem and determining a solution for implementation with $1500.  Teams then launched a Todah Give campaign using a story, video, and logo to support their work.  On Sunday, each team presented their campaign to several judges for critique and money for their campaign.  Already $3000 has been raised for the five campaigns.  

Check them out and donate!

Sagamore Leadership would like to thank this year's Summit speakers, adult and college volunteers, and the Summit Impact Challenge panel: Mike Simmons, Walt Brown, Todd Scoggins, Dina Furnish, and Katherine Brooks. Thank you to Jeff, Kathleen, and Meghan Bloxsome, and Jessie Hoffman for providing a powerful Spiritual Formation Experience.

Thank you to our invaluable partners. Because of your sustained commitment with us in equipping next generation leaders, we are changing the world:
Malloy Goods, Team Sports, Scoggins Designs, Inc, Pyramid Technologies, Inc, The Stone Table, Bridge Builder Strategies, Dr.and Mrs. Brian Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Linscott, and Sharon Trout.